Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Let Mail Extractor Pro take over migration from Thunderbird to Outlook and have one less job to worry about!

Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook

Businesses, all over the world, make use of emails to reach out to their customers as well as merchandisers. It is a standard way of communicating and these mails contain variety of information such as chats, quotations, attachments, etc. Undoubtedly, a lot of confidential content travels through this electronic medium too. Thereby, no one likes to compromise one bit on the integrity of these files. Whether it is the choice of the mail itself or of the tool to manage some cognate job, users make their best effort to get their hands on the perfect gear to handle it.

When it comes to migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook, the scenario is a little twisted as the files that have been in the safe custody have now to be transported entirely. It is an intimidating job and therefore puts unnecessary pressure on the user who is desirous of carrying out migrations from Thunderbird to Outlook. Although, there are numerous email converters out there that can achieve migrations from Thunderbird to Outlook, which one is to be trusted, is a million dollar question!

We shall lead you to the answer directly! Mail Extractor Pro, a creation of the well-know USL software, is one tool that can be trusted with all the files in entirety. It wouldn’t harm the data in any way and would additionally ensure the security of the content on the whole. This is by far the safest option to move folders from Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

migration from Thunderbird to Outlook

Why use Mail Extractor Pro for getting migration from Thunderbird to Outlook?

We already know that the safety aspect gets covered when we choose this tool for migration from Thunderbird to Outlook. What more can be gained is comprehensive conversions at lightning fast speed. The files migrated from Thunderbird to Outlook would have all the delicate details of the original files intact. Even the stubborn content such as nested messages, non-English content, etc gets transported with absolutely zero halts.

The folder hierarchy structure of the mails is also maintained out and out. What we are trying to say is that the migrations from Thunderbird to Outlook can be handled most effectively only by Mail Extractor Pro.

It designed to convert MBOX to PST as well as Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

Request a demo version for Mail Extractor Pro to achieve marvelous migration from Thunderbird to Outlook

Notwithstanding the fact, that full version can do wonders for you; its free demo trial version is a ravishing option that must be tried for gaining full trust in the tool. Not that there is any reason to doubt it, but when there is a liberty to test it then what’s the harm.

Get your hands on the free trial version of this tool and experience all the features alike. One exception is the only thing that would be different when comparing migrations from Thunderbird to Office 365  derived from this one vs. the full version. The trial version would allow only 10 files per folder to be converted vs, the unlimited count that can be migrated from Thunderbird to Outlook in one go.


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